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XcalableMP Workshop - XMP Workshop -


The XMP workshop is an annual event which showcases new specification, implementation of compiler, benchmark results, and so on as they relate to XMP.

XMP workshop is hosted by the PC Cluster Consortium.


  • 6th XMP workshop (1st Nov. 2018 in Ibaraki, Japan)
  • 5th XMP workshop (31th Oct. 2017 in Tokyo, Japan)
  • 4th XMP workshop (7th Nov. 2016 in Tokyo, Japan)
  • 3rd XMP workshop (29th and 30th Oct. 2015 in Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2nd XMP workshop (24th Oct. 2014 in Tokyo, Japan)
  • 1st XMP workshop (1st Nov. 2013 in Tokyo, Japan)